Let Me Help You Get Your Dream Job

Since earning my master's degree over three years ago, I've had three different jobs. Some say I'm a typical job-hopping millennial. But I prefer to describe myself as someone who never stops chasing dreams. We can talk about my story another day, though.

Today, it's all about you. 

Figuring out what you want to do is tough, and sometimes getting there can be even tougher. But you're in luck—because I love helping people in both parts of this process. Check out the options below to see if you're interested. It's time to control your career—don't let it control you!

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Deciding what to put onto your resume—and how to do it the right way—is tough. Let me help you create a resume you'll want to show off. 


Cover letter

Cover letters used to be my least favorite to-do item. Until I learned how to make them stand out. Let me help you make yours do the same. 



Your online presence is just as important as the one you put on paper. Let me help you make your LinkedIn polished and comprehensive.




I was fortunate to be given Abby’s name through a mutual friend, and the results could not have been better. She worked with me to highlight my talents, fine-tune my skills, and create a fabulous resume. She also put together my past client testimonials and a summary that really made an impact.

My professional and polished resume allowed me an effective and successful job search, and I was offered three jobs in one day. Abby was in contact with me throughout my search and after landing my new job. I’d highly recommend her services to anyone in the job market.
Abby did a fantastic job weaving my eclectic job experience into a story hiring managers would want to read. She is a joy to work with, and throughout the process she encouraged me to view my resume differently than I had been, because of her insight I have something I am proud to send out.
— Stephanie C.
I found Abby through her articles for The Muse. Her writing clicked for me instantly, resonating on a deep level. When I discovered that she offered a resume review service, I was overjoyed—and I was not disappointed!

Working with Abby was easy and fun, and her insights were invaluable. She turned my rough draft into something I’ve been confident about sending to potential employers. 10/10 would recommend.
— Eli N.